Posted by : Unknown Friday, May 29, 2009

The Beta Season of 1 vs 100 officially starts Monday, for both U.S and Canada.

“1 vs 100” Beta on Xbox LIVE combines the best of TV show experiences with interactive social gaming. Based upon the hit TV game show of the same name, “1 vs 100” is regularly scheduled and features a live studio host that provides comedic commentary throughout the show, real prizes, and fresh content provided by a team of trivia writers and experts.

Xbox LIVE features two versions of “1 vs 100” so people can choose how to play. “1 vs 100 LIVE” airs on Friday and Saturday evenings, features a live studio host, and puts Xbox LIVE Gold members on the largest game show stage in the world to compete as “the one,” “the mob,” or “the crowd,” for real prizes. “1 vs 100 Extended Play” is a condensed version of “1 vs 100” that airs throughout the week and features fresh content, themed trivia, and the chance to win prizes in a sweepstakes.

"Be sure to play along in the beta of 1 vs 100 on Xbox LIVE. The first live episode airs June 1st at 7:30pm PST."

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