Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Week for arcade games and content seems to vary in what they bring to the table. You can play classics remade, get a taste of a remade classic, as well as new content for original games. Overall a good day for content. The Best thing is that these arcade games have trials so you can get a taste of what to expect to use your points on. Here are the details:

"Be Bionic! The 20 year wait is over as Bionic Commando® swings back into action on Xbox 360® . The first true sequel to the original classic combines 3D swing-and-shoot gameplay with stunning new environments. Soar into the high-flying madness of 8 player deathmatch by downloading the demo today!"

Link To Demo-

"The arcade classic Cyber Troopers Virtual On Oratorio Tangram comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade! Keeping the classic mech fighting style, Virtual On returns enhanced with intense HD graphics and a thrilling 1 on 1 online multiplayer battle mode."

Link TO Trial-

"The bear and bird’s second outing available in full. Loads of rollicking fun to be had here and with the legendary Stop N Swap feature reinstated. The best use of a backpack in a game ever!"

Link To Trial-

"Unlock the full version of Sorry! and you'll be able to play the original Hasbro board game or new version – Bonus Cards and custom modes! You'll have access to party games, unlockable items, leaderboards and achievements!"

Link To Trial-

"In this "deleted scene" from The Maw, Frank steals a Bounty Hunter Speeder and uses it to break through their blockade. This part of the story takes place before the Mesas level."

Link To Speeder Lane-

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