Posted by : Unknown Saturday, April 18, 2009

The final Arcade game for the "Days of Arcade" promotion is coming out soon, Loderunner. This is remake to the classic game in which you collect diamonds, while avoiding the enemies by shooting the ground to trap or temporarily disarm them. The original games were a lot of fun, so i can't wait to try out this new version:

"It's an all-new Lode Runner gold mine -- 3-D graphics, frenzied 2-D action, lodes of modes, 220 levels, multiplayer options, puzzles, a level editor and more! Run, climb, blast blocks, outsmart enemies and grab the gold on your own or with a partner. It's classic action with "lodes" of new twists."

Players: 1-4
Players Co-op: 1-2

I'm not sure what the price is yet, but expect it to be at least 800 Points ($10.00)

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