Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, April 15, 2009

THQ gave out some codes for the upcoming Red Faction Guerrilla Demo and I was able get one so I thought I would write up some impressions of it.

The Demo offers a small portion of the map to play in, and contains one mission to complete, with two difficulties to chose from.

So far it seems THQ is going to pay off in making the switch to third person as players can view more of their destruction. Almost every object built in the game can be destroyed and players will have many options in choosing how they want to make stuff blow up. The Demo starts you with a machine gun, proximity bombs, and a powerful sledgehammer. The sledge is a lot of fun to use, and will probably become the weapon to use to knock objects down.

The mission in the demo has you invading the enemy's base in order to highjack a mech to deliver to the red faction. Once you get this mech, nothing really stands in your way as vehicles and buildings fall to the mech's power. It's really impressive to see and do as each building fall a different way depending on where it was hit.

Once you deliver the mech, you must man a turret as your escort drives to safety. Its a nice end to the demo and upon completion, shows various pictures about what you can expect from the full game.

The game ships June 9, and the demo will be released later this month. GameStop is giving demo codes to those who pre-order and that lasts between April 3 through the 22nd.

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