Posted by : Unknown Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Announced to Arrive Next week on March 19th, is the First DLC Map Pack for World At War. The pack will include 4 maps, 3 regular multiplayer maps and one new Nazi Zombie map.

"Verruckt is based on the Asylum multiplayer map, which is a two-story building outfitted with an expansive courtyard in the middle. If you play with a team of four, your squad of survivors will be split up into two pairs, each on opposite sides of the map. The goal of the team is to reunite in the middle of the building."

Also explained in an GameSpot interview is that there will be soda machines that contain different perks to better withstand the horde.

"One of the other changes to the gameplay is a collection of modifications to the zombies themselves. You'll notice them come at you from out of the ground as well as through fully preserved walls, and when they do get at you, they're a bit more vicious than before."

It's cool that the new Zombie map will also have a few cool changes to the already fun mode to play.

The Pack will be available next week for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and PC a little bit later. No price yet, but I would say have about $10.00 dollars ready.


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