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"During the first fight with Wesker, damage him a set number of times."

BAD BLOOD- This achievement/trophy requires you to inflict incredible damage during your 1st encounter with Wesker. This battle is in Chapter 5-3. Here's what you gotta do:

-Stand near the metal door that is locked

-Wesker will kick you through and you must run ahead of him to hide

-With Wesker looking for you, he becomes capable of being hurt

-Unload on him with your weapons until he falls

-You will then be prompted to do a QTE(Quick Time Event) button combination

-Do this once or twice until he runs away

-The Achievement is yours!

"Defeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart."

HEART STOPPER- This require you to stab a Licker in the heart. They Can be found in Chapter 5 Here's how to stab them:

-Use a powerful weapon the a Licker to get them to turn over

-Use the X Button(360 or [] Button (PS3) to stab them for the achievement /trophy

-15 more GamerScore points are yours!

I hope these tips help and come back for tips on Increasing that GamerScore!

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