Posted by : Unknown Friday, March 13, 2009

Gears of War 2 has been in the top 10 played games on Xbox Live since it's launch back in November, but the game has had many matchmaking issues that have turned away a few gamers.

Fear not gears players! Epic is releasing a new title update on March 24 that will fix matchmaking issues and also integrate an experience system into the game. Scoring points in public matches will give the player overall experience and increase their level.

Also Announced was a new map pack currently dated for a March 31st release3. It will include 3 new levels called Grindyard, Under Hill and, Courtyard, and will also include Fuel Depot from the original Gears of War. No price for the maps yet, but 800 points sound like a good bet to have ready.

Let's hope the problems with connecting to matches will be alleviate with the new Title update.


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