Posted by : Unknown Saturday, February 7, 2009

With the airing of Gametrailers TV last night, even more Lost & Damned information was revealed. Here's what to expect come February 17th:

- Expect 1/3 of the content in comparison to Niko's Adventure
- Since Johnny is a biker, he is more adapt at riding the bikes
- Speaking of bikes, more will be added to fit the Lost & Damned chopper vibe
- Heavier arsenal: New guns include a Auto and Sawed Off shotgun, Grenade Launcher and Automatic Pistol
- Biker Date: Johnny can check out Love like Niko can
- More interior areas to explore
- Scenes where Niko met Johnny will be playable from a different view
- More Multiplayer details that will be announced Next Week
- Reminder: Feb. 17 for 1600 Microsoft Points($20.00 U.S.D)

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