Posted by : Unknown Thursday, February 12, 2009

Source: IGN-

IGN previewed the Lost & Damned Multiplayer and here are a few of the new modes that will be available:

-Multiplayer will include ranks and new character skins to go with the biker feel of the Lost & Damned

-Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Free Mode

-Witness Protection- Team based mode where The NOOSE and Lost Gang battle. The players controlling the LOST gang must kill witnesses that NOOSE have in their custody. The NOOSE must protect the witness while attempting to kill the Lost

-Own the City
- Classic Territories mode fit to the GTA style. Teams who leave territories unoccupied will have a n AI person there to protect it.

-Next mode is similar to the classic Road Rash videogame. Players race on motorcycle to reach checkpoints while equipped with baseball bats.

-Lone Wolf Biker- One player is the lone biker while others players must hunt them down. The person who kills them becomes the Lone Biker and the process repeats.

-Chopper vs. Chopper- Think Cat & Mouse only here it's Bike vs. Helicopter. 1v1 match where players alternate between being on the ground going through checkpoints and flying in the air hunting them down.

-Club Business- Play as members of the lost to complete objectives

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