Posted by : Unknown Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fallout 3 is an epic game that contains a great story, world, and addictive game play. It makes you feel like you are in a world that has been devastated with war and you are just an survivor living in the aftermath of a nuclear war. You start off in Vault 101, one of many vaults that promised protection of the nuclear battle that was going to take place on the surface. As soon a you start the game, you pick your race, sex, appearance as you begin life as a baby. You quickly grow up in the vault and must eventually leave, as your father as left the vault, something no one has ever done. Once you leave everything is up to you. Do you look for your father, traverse the vast wasteland looking for things to do, its all up to you.

The game keeps track of your moral behavior, which includes Good, Neutral,and Bad Karma. Also, whenever you reach the next level, which is accomplished by completing quests and defeating enemies, you gain new perks to improve your character. Some can improve your resistance to radiation, strengthen your existing abilities, and one can even allow you to eat corpses. Yeah you can be a cannibal in fallout if you want. Choices are a key element to Fallout 3, and all seem important in one way or another.

Combat is a great element in Fallout as well. You can use guns, melee objects and other tools to allow you defeat any one who gets in your way. V.A.T.S. is also something very important to combat. This targeting system assists you in combat in order to specify areas of an enemy to target, and also displays your chance of succeeding. This system is great for all players and can be upgraded as well. I wont talk about the story too much, but it is definitely something that makes this game special. Must Buy for Rpg fans, and anyone willing to give it a shot.

+ Amazing Story and Freedom
+ V.A.T.S works as advertised
+ You will get your money`s worth
+ DLC down the line

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